Showcasing Elite Youth Athletes

The MVP Scouting Report identifies, evaluates and showcases elite 5th-8th grade athletes in Girls Basketball, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball, as well as Boys Baseball, Basketball and Soccer.  Athletes on the MVP Scouting Report get on the "Radar" of College Coaches early, enabling coaches to evaluate and follow their progress.

- Experienced MVP Scouts locate and evaluate talented youth athletes for inclusion in the online MVP Scouting Report.  If you know of an athlete who should be included in the Report, please submit them for consideration below.

- Basic listings in the MVP Scouting Report are always FREE, eliminating any bias of subscription-based scouting services.  Athlete evaluation, consulting and enhanced listing services are available.

ROADMAP TO SCHOLARSHIPS - As the athlete transitions to High School, our MVP Sports Recruiting service will help them get Noticed, Evaluated and Recruited by College Coaches!
Athlete of the Week
Payton Hicks (2019)
Looking for High School Prospects?
College recruiting is constantly evolving and can be a complex and sometimes confusing process.  Without a RECRUITING PLAN, you are rolling the dice that your athlete will be "discovered" and recruited.  MVP Scouts and Recruiting Coaches can customize a RECRUITING PLAN and guide you through the entire process.  Our mission is the best possible recruiting outcome for you!  WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?